Estudio de la Montura

Narrie Toole

'Spirits' of the West!


Special Series

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"Fire Bison"

"Appy Bright"

"Georgia's Golden


"Fire Bison II"

"Stands Alone"

"Moonset over

Caballo Blanco"

"Little Appy"

"Dark Side of the Moon"

"Morning Work Crew"

"Tatanka Blues"

"Winter Bushy Tail"

"Not Forgotten"

"Taos Thunderstorm"


"Mickey Night Eyes"

"Queen of the Bushy Tail"

"Winter-West Towards

La Esperanza"

"Night Riders"

"First of the Monsoons"

"Picking through the


"Coyote's Stolen



"Mother of Sorrows"

"Joe's World"


"Little Red's Dilemma"


"Micah Malamutt"


"Young Man"

"Faces of our Fathers

The Warrior"

"Faces of our Fathers

American Horse"

"Faces of our Fathers

Standing Strong"

"Faces of our Fathers

Hollow Horn Bear"

"Red Paint"

"Faces of our Fathers

Young Man They Fear Even His Horse"

"Serene Strength"

"Morning Glory I"

"Burning Fog"

"Taos I"

"Morning Glory II"

"Taos II"

"Piacho de Mimbres

Cooks Peak"

"San Francisco de



"Oliver Ranch Basin I"

"Handsome II"

"Little Red"

"Ready to Roll"

"Young Man"

"The Drylot"

"As One"

"The Dream Weavers"

"Dust Bowl I"

"Connie Cottontail"


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"Estudio de la Montura" was born in the Mimbres in southwest NM. The house and studio was situated on a "saddle" of the Mimbres Mountains overlooking the Mimbres and Gallinas River valleys. A lovely, magical place which will always be dear to me. I still do paintings of a good ‘jackrabbit friend’ I made there.

I now hang my brushes outside of Santa Fe, NM where the light and energy fuel my creativeness. The ‘West’ is the theme for my contemporary impressionistic paintings. Along with my ‘critters’, I have a passion to study and paint individuals that display strength and integrity. Occasionally I throw in a mission or a landscape. My focus is always on the ‘spirit’ of the individual or animal. A thought. An emotion. Body language. A circumstance. What if? Just watch and listen...There is no difference between a person and an animal... they will tell you how they want to be portrayed.

Color is a real passion for me. I like color...I have been deemed ‘part magpie’. It is a key tool that I use to convey energy in my paintings

Generous acquaintances and friends have helped me on my journey to be a fine art painter...given me advice, taught me. I could not make it without them. Doors open constantly. It is a good trip,

Estudio de la Montura

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Narrie Toole